Oct 08

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, Pandora Jewellery is on hand with the perfect, personalised gift for all of our gorgeous, deserving Mums.
Our beautiful, handcrafted jewellery and watches come in a huge range of styles to suit all tastes – from the simple and elegant, to the bold and decadent.  Choose from our endless variety of Pandora charms… whether your Mother loves gold, silver, steel, beads or precious stones, you can personalise the perfect piece of jewellery that best captures her spirit and style.

Pandora are constantly updating their collections with sublime new pieces and designs – from their timeless ‘Lovepods’ range of rings, to the fairytale beauty of the ‘Stories’ collection, every Mother with an eye for quality and elegant jewellery will fall in love with her gift.

Get as creative as you like, matching up items that you feel best complement each other – from a dressy, stone encrusted earrings and bracelet combo, to a more casual silver watch and matching ring, we have the style solutions for every woman’s highly personal taste.  Our ‘Compose’ range of earrings takes personalising jewellery to a new level – have fun choosing interchangeable stones and pendants for a versatile and fun range of looks.

Check out our ever growing list of Pandora stockists and stores in the UK on Pandora.net, and go into a Pandora retailer and see and feel the exquisite, handmade quality of our jewellery, or browse online by ranges, collections and materials.

You’ve only got one Mum – make sure you treat her to a unique gift that she’ll treasure for life… she’s worth it!

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