Nov 07

Just when you thought there was no other possibly way of wearing your pandora charms, along comes BeadRing. This Dutch creation is in theory, a metal ring with a clasp at the top in which you insert your Pandora bead, or infact any major bead (Trollbeads, Lovelinks, Tedora, Chamilia etc.) and wear it as a ring.

I suppose that this might appeal to people who don’t want to wear their bracelet all the time, but want to be able to take a special bead around with them. Or maybe it’s so you can coordinate the ring with your bracelet and make you own matching set.

The ring is available in sterling silver and in gold.  As Pandora beads are not all the same width, the company has made them available with different sized bead spaces, there are 3 options: 8 mm, 9 mm and 10 mm.

The Beadring is designed, produced and distributed by Juwelier Korse in Holland, and is already available in more than fourty jewellery stores there.  They have already started sales in Belguim and Germany.

Their website isn’t in english, but it’s pretty simple and easy to understand what’s going on.

3 Responses to “BeadRing! – Pandora Braclets and Beads”

  1. LeoGabrilovitch Says:

    WOW. Want one now…

  2. jennie englais Says:

    Wow such an interesting concept. althouh i feel that the rings loo too clumsy, yes it has that artsy feel to it but it does just look as though youve made it yourself.

  3. Meggie_Moo_16 Says:

    These rings are fantastic . . . . . . i think they look great with the necklace or the laced bracelet.
    luv Meggie_Moo_16

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