Nov 28

Most charm/bead brands are interchangeble , however be aware that Lovelinks bracelets require a bigger hole sized bead than Pandora’s and that most of the Troll range have smaller sized holes than Pandora. If you have a Lovelinks bracelet but would like to wear Pandora and designer beads/charms on it, consider having the chain ends and dividers filed down to a narrow diameter.

Also many people have had problems threading their beads, so when placing a charm onto your bracelet, I recommend holding the bracelet still if you can on the very end of the thread, not the thinner chain, then twist the charm not the bracelet because if the charm is a tight fit, twisting the bracelet will place undue stress on the silver.

So if browsing ebay for new charms, be sure to check the manufacturer of each piece. Some sellers’ listings confusingly state ‘Authentic’ or ‘Genuine’ in the auction title referring to the sterling silver, not the authentic Pandora brand. Technically this is a correct statement, but misleading so be careful.

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