Oct 15

Pandora outlets in the UK are fairly easy to find, ensuring that interested buyers can always find authentic products.  London is home to several stores that proudly carry the Pandora line, including both company-branded stores and specialty jewellery shops.

Pandora Shops
There are several shops that are devoted to Pandora products.  Two of the more popular London shops are located at Knightsbridge and Covent Garden.  The branded shops are located in various areas of London that are known for their excellent shopping opportunities.  These shops give customers the opportunity to experience this beautiful jewellery.

Authorised Dealers
Many shops in London are authorised to sell Pandora products.  Selfridges London is one of the more popular jewellery retailers in the city.  The Pandora line up is a perfect addition to the shop’s quality range of products.  Argento London is another noted outlet that carries a wide range of Pandora items.  Several other quality shops have added Pandora to their list of products.

Online Options for London Residents
Beadazzle sells Pandora products through its online shop.  This allows interested customers to browse through a variety of products in the convenience of their homes. Many of the authorised shops include their Pandora products in their online inventory to allow their customers easy access to this acclaimed jewellery.  It’s a good idea to only buy from authorised Pandora dealers to avoid the possibility of buying fake items.

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