Apr 20

Pandora’s new wooden beads are a strange concept, and one which no one quite understands. Yes, they look good with gold beads on leather bracelets but do they really go with any of the silver charms?

Depends which ones you’ve gone for I suppose.

The darker brown Acapu, Muiracatiara and Muirapiranga Pandora wooden beads will probably look the best with gold beads but the yellowish Coracao de Negro and Pau Amarelo Wood look great on their own on black and brown leather bracelets and strings.

Pandora supports the idea that certified sustainable and economically viable forestry combined with education is the best way to protect endangered rainforests. The wooden beads have been created in line with this belief so you can wear them with a clear conscience. It means that the forests will be protected and the social and economic conditions for the people living nearby will be improved.

If you want to help even more good causes, invest in a limited edition disc charm and pink leather bracelet. 15% of the proceeds of each of these will be donated to Breakthrough Breast Cancer AND they’re absolutely gorgeous. You can also engrave a personal message onto the discs to make them extra poignant.

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