Oct 31

Be sure of exactly what you’re buying when beads are listed as gold or silver.

For example: listings should be clear if the metal used is solid 925 sterling silver, silver plate or just costume silver tone. And of course gold; in what purity? – 9, 14, or 18k, and whether plated over brass or Vermeer over 925 silver, gold filled (heavy plating) or solid, and so on…

Authentic Pandora charms are heavier than most of the Asian generic varieties, due to having a solid threaded core. Lower priced generic ranges even in sterling silver, are usually much lighter, with hollowed out interiors, so its just the end holes that rest on the chain. They also tend to dull quickly and the quality of production is no were near as good.

This does make it more affordable but these are not genuine pandora bracelet beads, the last thing you want is to buy a bead and then find it either doesnt fit. We recommend savng up or asking somebody to buy you somethng special for christmas.

Just remember to always ask exactly what you are buying, always buy from a Pandora retailer, not eBay, currently Pandora Jewellery do not allow any retailers to sell on eBay.

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