Oct 07

As with designer bags, Pandora jewellery is often replicated as fake ‘copycat’ goods, often sold online. This article will help you to determine whether a Pandora bead, charm or bracelet is an authentic Pandora piece or a fake.

Four tips for buying genuine Pandora Jewellery.

1. Look for the Pandora Hallmark

Most Pandora jewellery items are now marked with the letters ‘ALE’ together with 925 on silver items and the numbers 585 on gold items. In the Pandora bead clasp bracelets, the ALE marking is found on the inside of the clasp itself, along with the 925 marking for sterling silver. The traditional bracelets with the parrot clasps are stamped on the loop at the end of the bracelet.Many Pandora items, including Pandora bracelets also now include the Pandora crown symbol (Note: Old bracelets purchased before 2008 won’t have the Crown symbol as Pandora only started using the Crown symbol in 2008)Unfortunately it has been the case that copy-cat companies have added engravings to fake goods, so in addition to the hallmark, it’s worth noting the following suggestions.

2. Check if the Seller is an Authorised Pandora Retailer

Only specific retailers are authorised to sell Authentic Pandora Jewellery. To determine whether the place that you are buying your Pandora Jewellery from is authorised, you can look at the list of authorised Pandora stockists shown on the official Pandora Jewellery website. The official Pandora Jewellery web site Pandora-Jewelry.com shows the authorised Pandora retailers by region.

3. Be careful when buying Pandora beads from eBay!

If you see Pandora Jewellery available for sale through eBay or other online auction websites, you should be warned, most eBay sellers are not authorised sellers of Pandora Jewellery, and could quite easily be selling you a fake.Several eBay sellers also falsely claim that some beads have been discontinued and are charging exorbitant fees for them. You should note that discontinued Pandora charms are sold at their normal price – they are not sold at higher prices by authorised Pandora retailers. Any seller selling a Pandora charm for a higher than normal recommended retail price should be avoided.

4. Match the Product to the Official Website

When doing this, you should note that the official Pandora web site only shows products that are currently in production. That means that Pandora products that have been discontinued may not appear on the Pandora official web site.The quality and craftsmanship of the Pandora beads is also far superior to the copy-cat brands. You’ll also see that many copy-cat brands similar to Pandora offer glass beads with hand painted designs or raised painted sections. If the bead that you are looking at has painted glass, you will know that it is not an authentic Pandora.

We hope this article helps you make wise purchases when buying Pandora!


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