Nov 07

Take the time to study the listing photographs of the charms carefully. Outer sizes of the charms and beads in each range vary greatly, from petite to chunky.

If you wish for your charm collection to be of uniform size then stick to listings that have photographs of the charm threaded on an actual Pandora bracelet chain for a point of comparison.

Of course the safer thing to do, is to go into a Pandora concept store, or request photographs from the online retailers that you use. This means that you won’t waste any money on buying a charm that really doesn’t fit with the rest.

Also make sure that the charms you buy will fit on your wrist. You might want to consider what size beads you are thinking of buying, when you buy the bracelet, so you buy one big enough that you can fit all your desired charms on.

4 Responses to “Size – Pandora Beads”

  1. James Mayall Says:

    thanks guys, i just bought one for my girlfriend and i was browsing to see what they were like before i bought them. thankgod i chekced you guys out first otherwise i would have been in troubleeee!!

  2. LeoGabrilovitch Says:

    I bought two of ebay yesterday, but they said they were pandora style, is that not the real thing and will it fit?
    really worried now.

  3. mindy chen wishart Says:

    oh my thank you so much for all this valuble information i just had no idea there was so much variety, wow im just so new to this.

  4. admin Says:

    Hi LeoGabrilovitch.
    Most of the beads, that say “pandora style” will be made to fit the pandora bracelet. But that doesn’t mean that they are “pandora beads”. they are copies or independant jewellers’ products.
    hope this helps.
    The PJB team

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