Oct 15

Trick or treat this Halloween with a stylish Pandora accessory.  Treat yourself to a candy-striped charm, or an adorable ghost or pumpkin charm for your Pandora charm bracelet.

Halloween is a time for nibbling on sweets and watching horror films.  The conventional icons of the holiday are pumpkins and ghosts, arising from the old traditions of carving pumpkins to guide spirits onwards.

Pandora celebrates this haunting time of year with its cute, cartoon-like figurine charms of a grinning pumpkin and a smiling ghost.  Pandora charms are hand finished in silver, and are a wonderful addition to any charm bracelet.

Age old traditions which have their origins in antiquity are continued every Halloween.  Hosting haunted-house parties, playing tricks on one another, and swapping sweets are traditions that have remained mostly unaltered for years, and will continue to happen for years to come.

Charms from Pandora Jewellery will last those years as a testament to past Halloweens, and serve as an elegant accessory on the holidays that are yet to come.  Go to that haunted-house party with a stylish Pandora charm bracelet dangling off your wrist and give a modern look to an ancient celebration.  Trick or treat yourself or your loved one to this wonderful, seasonal gift.

The Pandora charm bracelet is a storehouse of memories; every charm significant to the wearer.  Why not add this spooky time of year to your bracelet with a cute and stylish Halloween charm?

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