Nov 24

Absolutely loving the new Pandora Autumn 2009 charms collection!

Will be giving the Pandora ‘Best Friends’ charm to my BFF and expecting the ‘Forever Together’ charm from the BF! They can be engraved with a personal message of your choice so the sentiment behind them is lovely. Not sure what to get engraved on them though, all suggestions welcome. Anyone who already has one of these, what did you decide to have engraved?

The Celtic-patterned Pandora charms are the most vibrant beads in the new collection. The orange and purple are so rich and bright that they’ll stand out on any bracelet and the turquoise will go really well with the turquoise butterfly and the blue Murano glass charms.

The new gold charms are exquisite; especially the seahorse and the palm trees which will bring an exotic, summery feel to your Autumn. Glad to see they’ve finally brought out the boy and girl charms in gold too.

The ballet shoes are absolutely adorable and will adorn the bracelets of many little girls (and their proud mums). The peace sign is a very pretty, feminine charm and will look great with other pink zirconia or pearl beads.

Think the most meaningful charm is the set of limited edition flower discs. Pandora are donating 15% of the retail price to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for each one sold. Not only that but you can engrave on them too to make them extra poignant.

Definitely a fan of the new collection but there are too many to choose from! I want them all!

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