Apr 20

If you’ve decided to break free from the traditional gold and silver of Pandora and brave the wonderful world of colour on your bracelet then here’s the chance to find out what the shade you’ve chosen says about you and your unique personality…
Red: active, confident, courageous, warm, passionate.
Pink: love, beautiful, feminine, quiet.

Brown: organised, conventional, solid, comfortable.
Orange: powerful, healthy, enthusiastic, creative, vivacious.
Gold: wealthy, prosperous, wise, optimistic, successful.
Yellow: joyful, happy, intellectual, energetic, creative.
Green: lively, fertile, free, peaceful, wealthy.
Blue: youthful, spiritual, truthful, peaceful.
Purple: regality, magical, mysterious, focused, imaginative, inspired.
White: pure, clean, whole, love, energetic.
Black: powerful, stabile, strong, endless possibilities, strong-willed.

So do you agree?

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