Oct 25

Yes, we have spotted all the Pandora Jewellery fake sites as well listed in Google. We have been inundated with requests for information regarding this issue. Obviously we can only suggest that you contact Pandora UK for the official line. Our advice is to only buy from a website that is listed as a certified […]

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Jan 29

3 ways to Know if Your Pandora Beads are Genuine Pandora jewellery is a hugely popular designer jewellery brand, and a trend that looks set to last.  However as with all popular brands there are a lot of imitation brands around which try and convince customers that they are the genuine Pandora article. There are […]

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Nov 28

Most charm/bead brands are interchangeble , however be aware that Lovelinks bracelets require a bigger hole sized bead than Pandora’s and that most of the Troll range have smaller sized holes than Pandora. If you have a Lovelinks bracelet but would like to wear Pandora and designer beads/charms on it, consider having the chain ends and dividers filed down to a narrow diameter.

Also many people have had problems

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Nov 12

The title pretty much explains it, we’ve got images and product id’s to all the new Pandora beads in the Autumn range off 2008.

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Oct 31

Be sure of exactly what you’re buying when beads are listed as gold or silver.

For example: listings should be clear if the metal used is solid 925 sterling silver, silver plate or just costume silver tone. And of course gold; in what purity? – 9, 14, or 18k, and whether plated over brass or Vermeer over 925 silver, gold filled (heavy plating) or solid, and so on…

Authentic Pandora charms are heavier than most of the Asian generic varieties

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