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3 ways to Know if Your Pandora Beads are Genuine

Pandora jewellery is a hugely popular designer jewellery brand, and a trend that looks set to last.  However as with all popular brands there are a lot of imitation brands around which try and convince customers that they are the genuine Pandora article.

There are three main tips for you to check to ensure that your Pandora jewellery and any Pandora jewellery you are considering purchasing is a genuine Pandora piece.

1. The Pandora Hallmark

This is the best indicate as to whether an item is an authentic Pandora piece as all Pandora items bare the Pandora company hallmark on the bead or bracelet.

As well as the Pandora hallmark, the majority of Pandora pieces now carry the letters “ALE” followed by either 925ss on silver items or 585 on gold items.  On Pandora bracelets you can find the markings ALE on the inside of the Pandora clasp.

Per Enevoldsen was the founder of Pandora jewellery, and “ALE” are the initials of his grandfather, Algot Enevoldsen, so this ALE is the original jeweller’s hallmark.

If your Pandora jewellery bares this hallmark you can rest assured that is an authentic Pandora jewellery piece.

2. Is the Seller an Authorised Pandora Retailer?

Another key method of ensuring you are purchasing genuine Pandora items is to only purchase from an authentic, registered Pandora Jewellery retailer

Only certain retailers are licensed to sell genuine Pandora jewellery.

To find out whether the retailer you are purchasing from is a licensed Pandora jewellery retailer, you can have a look at the authorised list of dealers on the Pandora website.  This is broken down by region and shows which dealers are authorised in your area.

This list does only display retailers with an offline shop, so if you are purchasing from an internet only retailer they may not be listed here.  I would not suggest that you solely purchase your items from your local retailer, as this may not always be possible, but when purchasing from an online retailer, I would advise using one that has an offline store also.

You can purchase Pandora jewellery through eBay; however you should be careful, eBay sellers are never authorised Pandora sellers.  If you do purchase through eBay there is no guarantee that the items you receive will be genuine Pandora items.  I am not suggesting ruling out eBay completely for Pandora jewellery, however I would air on the side of caution with these purchases.

3. Match the Product to the Pandora website

The final way to check is to match your product with one shown on the official Pandora website, or an authorised dealer website.

If you do decide to use the official Pandora website to check against your items, please note that this only shows items which are currently in production.  So if your bead is not listed on the Pandora site does not mean that is a replica, it may be a discontinued or retired Pandora bead.

When matching your Pandora item with the one on the website there are a few things to look out for, as while there are quite a few imitations around, they are not to the same high quality as authentic Pandora jewellery.

Many imitation glass beads offer hand painted designs, or patterns slightly raised, or the design painted on the outside of the glass.  Pandora murano glass beads are all created within the glass, which means that the design runs right through the bead.  If the bead you are looking at has painted glass you will know it is an imitation.

Hopefully you will find these tips useful when purchasing your Pandora jewellery pieces to ensure that you only get authentic Pandora pieces.

16 Responses to “How to tell if your Pandora Jewellery is genuine”

  1. polly Says:

    if the pandora bracelet dosen’t have the words ALE marked on the clasp but has a oval charm with pandora engraved in it, can it still be genuine

  2. Barbara Says:

    If my clasp has a circle with a three pointed crown on it is this not a real pandora bracelt, my charms all have the ale and 925 but not the clasp on the bracelet?

  3. Toni Wright Says:

    My son recently bought me a so called apparent Pandora bracelet! It has no hallmark inside it. It was purchased off the Pandora.co.uk website. Is there a way of prosecuting them due to stealing the pandora name and copyright! I emailed them and have been ignored. Obviously my son is devistated as he used his xmas and birthdday money being 11. I want to take the matter further and will! Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou

  4. Amy Says:

    My clasp doesnt have the three pointed crown on the O but it has ALE and 925 inside it, does that mean its real and just an older version or is it a fake?

  5. Nancy Hoefen Says:

    I just purchased two bracelets from an authorized pandora dealer and they say S925 AND THEN DIRECTLY BELOW IT ALE. They also have the crown over the O. The ones I bought before said only 925 and then ALE below it. Is this something new?

  6. Rosie Says:

    All my Pandora beads and clasp only have ‘925’ on does it still make it a genuine bracelet or a fake? Could it be an older version?

  7. Jude Says:

    I bought a Pandora ring second hand and noticed that the hallmark is 925, (silver) 535 (gold) a crown and the initials PJ. Is this a genuine item? The blogs say that more recent items have ALE so not sure why this has PJ.

  8. Helen Says:

    I have recently had a pandora bracelet bought for me but don’t think it’s a genuine one,it has ale one the inside of the clasp followed by 925 but very very faint ingraving does this mean it’s fake??

  9. Candy Says:

    Hi iv just been looking up what ALE 925 means because I just recently purchased some sterling silver charms that have the marks 925 ALE and they have a thread to screw onto a bracelet I am selling them on eBay for $10 to $15 each am I ripping myself off how do I know if they are a pandora charm is there another way to tell I cant take them to pandoras shop because we don’t have one here.

  10. Tracy Says:

    I’m in the same boat as Amy (comment #4). I have a Silver with Gold-clasp bracelet that I bought from a private seller on eBay. The outside of the clasp has ‘PANDORA’ – no crown atop the O, but inside the clasp I have ‘585’ and underneath that, ‘ALE’. I would also like to know if this is an older model. Thanks!

  11. Nina Slezak Says:

    I put my bracelet with multiple charms into a silver solution as many times before, and a pearl on one of the charms MELTED to a tiny plastic looking ball and fell off the charm ! Aren’t they supposed to be real pearls?

  12. beckyy Says:

    My pandora only has ‘pandora 925′ on all the charms and bracelet is it real? Help!!!!

  13. David VALENTINE Says:

    None of the Pandora so called 14 carat gold carries a proper UK assay office hallmark which is quite illegal as all carat gold sold in the UK must, by law, carry it otherwise it may not be sold as gold. ALE585 is NOT a hallmark.

  14. Deborah Says:

    Older pandora bracelets didn’t have the crown over the o so don’t panic if yours doesn’t, the markings for the bracelet are inside the clasp and should say ALE on one side and 925 on the other for a silver bracelet and 585 for the gold one,
    Them most recent change pandora have made to there markings is the letter s in front of the ALE, this is only on newer pieces so your older charms and bracelets might not have it but doesn’t mean your older pieces are fake, if in doubt take your bracelet into your local pandora shop who will be able to tell you.

  15. Emz Says:

    I’m rather confused as i thought the code 925 just means the item is sterling silver as i have three charms from the charm company and they say 925 also have few others that say ale 925 and one that says s925 now the charms are on the Pandora website and look exactly same, how do you really know its genuine charm?

  16. sarah Says:

    if the bracelet has no crown above the O but the 925 ale on the inside of the bale it is the older style Pandora but still authentic , charms just marked 925 and have no ale but say Pandora are fake . all charms must be marked 925 ale or newer charms s925 ale , all gold will be marked ale 585 or ale s585 for solid 14ct gold if they don’t have the marks they are fake is is good to use a eye glass when looking for marks as some are not easy to see or have rubbed off due to wear so some signs of the hallmark should still be there NEVER use silver cleaner on any Pandora items use a silver cleaning cloth only, most Pandora charms have threads on the charms to alow to to kind of screw the bead or charm onto your Pandora bracelet , some gold eg the Pandora gold crown and some gold and silver spacers do not have this feature but are still authentic Pandora ,

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