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Charm bracelets can be dated as far back as the Neolithic era.  Our ancient ancestors would pick up unusual stones or wood and carry it with them to ward off their enemies.

However it wasn’t until thousands of years later in the time of the Egyptians with the emergence of elaborate jewellery that the first recognisable charm bracelets appeared.

Charm like an Egyptian…

The Ancient Egyptians believed in an afterlife one in which they could take their earthly possessions with them.  Charm bracelets played a huge role in Egyptians preparing for this prosperous afterlife.  They were coveted as protective shields and symbolised the wearer’s social status throughout life, but were also used to help the Gods guide the wearer to the proper status level in the afterlife.

Roman Charms

Christians kept the “ichthys” (fish) charm underneath their clothes and would use it to secretly identify themselves to other Christians to gain entry into secret, forbidden worship activities.

In the Middles Ages

During the Middle Ages, charms were often used with spells to wreak havoc on enemy castles, but they were also worn on belts to represent family origin, political standing and profession.

Queen Victoria and HRC (Her Royal Charms)

During the early 20th century the bracelets of Queen Victoria helped changed charms from a practical tool to decorative fashion jewellery.  Soon small lockets, family crest and glass beads which hung on bracelets and necklaces were at the height of fashion.

Charms Mature to a Wider Audience

By the 1950s, the charm bracelet was a must-have fashion accessory for girls and women and was hugely popular with major rites of passage – 16th birthdays, graduations, weddings, travel and the arrival of children.

The disco era of the 1970’s meant that charms disappeared off the fashion radar for a while.  However charm bracelets couldn’t be kept down for long, and were back in fashion again by the mid-1980’s.

Charms Bracelets go Designer

In the beginning of the 21st Century, the fashion industry has again discovered the lure of the charm bracelet, and has flooded the market with new charm styles in all price ranges.

Pandora jewellery invented a new system for charm necklaces, bracelets and anklets, and this added a new dimension in collecting charm jewellery.  Since then top designer brands such as Pandora, and Trollbeads have brought the glamour back to charm bracelets, firmly establishing them as a must-have fashion accessory for every occasion.

With gorgeous charms made from 14K gold, sterling silver, murano glass and using precious stones, each charm is used to tell a story. Charms are still used to mark major rites of passage, such as a new baby, 21st birthdays , or weddings but are now more commonly given throughout the year.

With designers releasing new beads in line with special occasions such as Christmas and Valentines and regular updates throughout the year charms are a lot more accessible than ever before.

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