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Pandora – In Greek Mythology Pandora was the first women, the giver of all, all endowed. Pandora

In 1982, P. Enevoldsen (a Goldsmith) set up a jewellery shop in Nørrebrogade in Copenhagen, Denmark with his wife. As part of this business they travelled to Thailand to source jewellery for import. They obviously had a keen eye for jewellery and as demand increased the company changed from being a direct retailer to focusing on searchinf for jewellery for importing, and as demand increased, the company focused on wholesaling rather than retailing. After five years of combined retail and importing they closed the retail business.

With the growth of the business they opened their own factory in Thailand enabling htme to control product quality, price and design. In 1996, Lisbeth Larsen, goldsmith and designer, joined and, together with Lone Frandsen, they worked to design a style of jewellery that was unique to the business and synomynous with PANDORA’s style.

1999 PANDORA’s lanuched its first charm bracelet in the Danish market. This was very succesful and since this launch has grown to be sold in 18 countries. PANDORA has grown from a two-man business to a team of over 35 at its head office in Copenhagen, and employs over a 1,000 workers at its sister company PANDORA Productions, in its factory in Thailand.

Examples of suppliers include:


Pandora Jewellery – Harriet and Dee


Pandora Jewellery – Pandora-Beads


Pandora Jewellery – Austrailia

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4 Responses to “Pandora Jewellery – A bit of history”

  1. Erin Says:

    require complaints department uk thank you

  2. Elisabeth A. Sjoberg, architect, Scandinavia and UK Says:

    The collecting bead bracelet is NOT Pandoras idea, it was “Loaned” from the(also) danish Trollbeads(Troldekugler) brand!
    Trollbeads predates Pandora by many years.
    The Pandora founders, Per and Winnie Enevoldsen had worked for Trollbeads and when they left “loaned”(to say it in polite way) Trollbeads creative ideas.
    For several years I had 2 ideas about this:
    1. That the Trollbeads people were the creative innovators.
    2. But that the Pandora people were the business savy ones and geniuses at making millions.

    After the Pandora stocks crashed spectacularly 2nd of august 2011 loosing 13 billions in an hour, I have revised my idea no. 2..
    check this out for yourself.

  3. Anne Says:

    Hi have a broken pandora silver bracelet, it has snapped off any suggestions

  4. diane carine Says:

    Also require complaints department in uk not getting satisfactory response from retailer faulty bracelet bought and broke witht in a week!!!!!

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