Nov 14

Beads and charms that are labelled as ‘retired’ or ‘discontinued’ are no longer made by Pandora and therefore are in limited supply. For this reason they are often more expensive than you might expect – simply because when they’re gone they really are gone!

For some, the older Pandora beads have a charm that the newer ones don’t. For others they are collectable items, as their value could well increase, as they become more and more rare. However, it’s worth remembering that some online retailers are in fact selling re-makes of the old designs, and at high high prices. To make sure you’re buying authentic Pandora, its worth visiting our highly relevant and (we think!) helpful article: How To Avoid Pandora Fakes.

As well as avoiding fakes, some tricksters selling Pandora may claim their wares are ‘retired’ beads and charms – when in fact they’re not. Prices for their beads will be higher, which is all the more reason to be wary, when considering discontinued Pandora jewellery.

We’ve compiled a list of all discontinued beads and charms with images, so you can be sure you know what you’re getting.

Silver Spacer Bead with Round Edges

Silver Spacer Cross Banded

Silver Spacer with Long Curved Lines

Silver Spacer with Center Groove

Silver Spacer with Square Edges

Silver Spacer Square

Silver Spacer with Diagonal Curved Lines

Silver Spacer with Xs

Silver Spacer with Textures

Silver Spacker with Wavy Groove

Large Row of Circles

Silver Spacer with Horizontal Bands

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