Oct 23

At the start of 2008, Pandora implemented the first stand alone concept store in the UK at the Queens Arcade, Leeds, West Yorkshire.

This store marked the introduction to the high street allowing the Pandora profile to be raised even higher. This was the first time Pandora was finally available in shops, not just online.

UK Pandora concept stores are critical to the wider Pandora group, in order to fulfil the quest for globalisation. Over the years, Pandora has grown from a label into a brand and so it is important that Pandora is prominent and can be seen by as many customers in the UK market place as possible. The concept stores mark and commemorate the success of the brand, and these stores further demonstrate a strength against other UK competitors (BLOG, Trollbeads, Links etc.) as well as signifying Pandora’s commitment to the UK market place.

A message from Pandora UK:
“We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Whittaker family for displaying the strength, foresight and courage in Pandora to open the first Pandora concept store throughout the country, in Leeds; we are sure that your faith will be well rewarded.”

Earlier this year a spokesperson for Pandora UK said: “Throughout 2008 we will continue to open Pandora concept stores wherever it is commercially viable and right for the brand to do. Pandora UK wants Pandora to be a major recognised player in the commercial market place and we want to be a known high street brand; this is critical to extending the lifecycle of our products.”

More on this at a later date.
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    I think your email re the Lucky Number Card is misleading. You need to get the card at a “Concept Store”. I went to my store Framers Cottage in Southern Pines, NC where I have bought a lot of Pandora and have given friends Pandora as gifts. They never heard of the promotion.

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