Feb 25

It been a while since we have written but to be honest we got completely wrapped up in the Pandora Valentines explosion.

Now we are ack in the land of the living we have decided to look further into who wears Pandora or in some cases who should be wearing pandora.

I was watching a recent episode of Shameless on C4 when it became clear that the reason that one of the characters was being given so many charms for her bracelet. It was’nt  that her husband kept going to prison and buying one on return but actually the fact that he was buying a second rate version.

Ladies if you want to make sure your man keeps you classy then keep up with the Pandora requests.

Men keep on buying for your ladies and you wont end up in prison.

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  1. Andra Says:

    Hi! I just discovered this blog and saw that you haven’t posted since february. Aren’t you going to keep it updated anymore? It would be a pity since I’ve checked your previous posts and they’re really interesting. I love my pandora bracelet btw!!

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