Sep 24

As we all know Pandora sell a rather lovely range of bracelets, beads, charms etc.
Well ladies and gents of course, our little secret may be out. I am sure that you have all noticed an increase in the number of Pandora concept stores and online retailers springing up over the country.

So the official news bit.
The bracelet, charm jewellery designer and manafacturer Pandora has released plans to launch a “six figure sum” ad campaign in October 2010 in the run up to Christmas 2010.

The advertisement campaign will be featured across a number of media channel including billboards, magazines, newspapers and primetime TV slots alongside some of the country’s most loved programmes.
The adverts will be broadcast by ITV, Channel 4, Five and Sky. It’s intended to reach a younger target audience that has boosted sales for charms in the past three years in the UK.
Although its exact storyline remains a secret, it has been reported that “Moments in time concept” will be used to promote its charms while print advertising and billboards will focus on promoting the new lines including rings and watches introduced to retailers this month in Monaco.

The new campaign is the first of its kind for the jewellery maker and it intends to boost sales for jewellers during Christmas period.

We will be writing about all things Pandora and Christmas soon so watch this space, remember order early as stock is always short near Christmas.

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