Oct 13

Pandora bracelets are commonly worn by celebrities.  Not only do many celebrities frequent Pandora stores UK, but many prefer other high-end stores that also carry these products.  Jewellery commonly worn by celebrities is especially beautiful and highlights what makes it a wonderful brand.

Celebrities Who Proudly Wear Pandora
Probably the most familiar celebrity who wears Pandora is Catherine Zeta-Jones.  She is the star of Entrapment, the Mask of Zorro, and Chicago, among other films. Christine Amanpur, a popular news correspondent for CNN, is also seen wearing Pandora on a regular basis.  Tennis player Venus Williams has worn her signature blue bracelet on the court at many games.  Singer Melissa Etheridge has used her customised bracelet to promote awareness of breast cancer, being a survivor herself.  These famous ladies have helped to make the world realise how stylish the brand is.

Using Fame for Charity
Many of the charms used on Pandora bracelets help support various charities or raise awareness of important issues.  Mukhtar Mai, a Pakistani human rights activist and rape survivor, is the founder of the Mukhtar Mai Women’s Welfare Organization.  Her bracelet helps bring attention to her important cause.

A charm worn on Melissa Etheridge’s bracelet uses the pink ribbon used for breast cancer awareness.  Proceeds support the Susan G. Komen foundation.  Petra Nemcova started the Happy Hearts Fund after surviving the 2005 tsunami, and her bracelet symbolises her feelings for her cause.

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