Jul 22

Now before anybody suggests this is a shameless paid blogging attempt then think again. We earn very little money from this project, just enough to cover the costs of the blog to be honest. But that is not why we did this in the first place. Our aim is to create a really fun place where people could share their Pandora moments and charm bracelets.

We often buy our beads from from Pandora retailers called John Greed Design as well as me me me acccessories.

Pandora Jewellery specialists Beadazzle having been selling Pandora Jewellery online to the UK market since 2005. The first things that is clear when you talk to anybody that works for Beadazzle is that they know Pandora Jewellery inside out.

Also when you need to call to ask a question the ladies at Beadazzle are really helpful even if you are a man. My hubby is a bit of a Pandora novice to say the least and they really helped him choose some very nice beads for my latest bracelet.

So ladies all in all we give the girls at Beadazzle a 7 out of 10 (we never give 10).

Watch out for our next retailer review.

The PB Team

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