Oct 12

The popularity of Pandora jewellery just keeps on growing.  With new stores opening in different cities across the UK, and many other larger chain stores now stocking Pandora, it is very easy to get your hands on this fabulous jewellery.  The city of Leeds is no exception – with several Pandora retailers currently stocking Pandora’s most coveted items, finding genuine Pandora jewellery in Leeds will be no problem for shoppers.

Leeds was home to the first Pandora Concept Store in the country, situated in the city’s Queens Arcade.  This was a great success and since then another store retailing Pandora jewellery has opened with the arrival in 2010 of a new Whittakers store in White Rose Shopping Centre, located at Unit 61 LS1 6LF.

The current Pandora Leeds store opened in September 2010 and held a fantastic opening party for Pandora lovers to enjoy and explore some of the classic Pandora jewellery on offer.  The store is ideally located in the centre of Leeds at 94-97 Briggate LS1 6NP, stocking some of the fabulous genuine Pandora jewellery that is also available throughout the UK in other Pandora outlets and stores.

Due to the popularity of Pandora’s amazing jewellery range, you can also now buy genuine Pandora jewellery from Share Jewellers, located at 58 Street Lane LS8 2DQ.

With so many options, there really is no excuse for Leeds’ shoppers not to go and get their hands on some fabulous Pandora jewellery.

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