Nov 04

The Murano beads originated from Murano, the island in Venice known as “the lagoon” and also the original place of glass beads. There are many methods of creating a Murano bead. As time went by the glassmakers had developed and refined the techniques greatly, eventually ending up with the lampworking technique which was invented by a Murano glassmaker in 1700s. But the manufacturing processes are still complex as each Murano bead must formed individually and the lampworking approach is time consuming.

Maybe the drawback can be seen as an advantage from another point of view. That is why each Murano bead is unique and valuable, therefore being a more expensive and special place on a Pandora Bracelet. Most of the beads are decorated by flowers, dots, swirls and stripes.

Some people beg to differ and think that the Murano bead is a cheap alternative to silver, and avoid buying them. This however is a question of taste and up to the consumer.

Pandora’s range of Murano beads have sterling silver or 14k cores, but across all the European bead range, you can buy them without cores, partial caps, full cores in solid sterling silver or plated base metal. It is a category in which you receive what you pay for, and the cheap base metal cap styles are often known to break, but their low price does mean you can completely and quickly change the main colour of your bracelet at a very low cost.

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