Oct 25

As a follow up to our most recent article on Pandora Fakes we would love to hear from you if you have had bad experiences.

To do this send an email to pandorajblog@gmail.com

2 Responses to “Name and Shame the Pandora fakers”

  1. Clive Furness Says:

    Do you know anything about:-
    The website looks genuine…but I placed an order on 28.4.11 and despite several e-mails chasing it, the only info I have is that the order is processing.
    There are no phone numbers and there have been no replies to my e-mails.
    Any info would be helpfull


  2. Kimberley Says:

    Bought Pandora fakes online sold as authentic from pandoramalls at:
    Wasted my money as the when the goods arrived they were cheap and nasty you would not even buy them in the market and the company don’t respond to emails.

    A bad shopping experience that cost me £59.17 but it has taught me not to spend money online with a retailer that is not contactable other than by email and to buy quality goods from a recommended retailer. I won’t spend another bad penny.

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