Jun 16

Check out Pandora’s fabulous new charm collection for spring 2011.  This amazing new collection includes some extra special limited edition items.  Treat yourself to a bit of royal sparkle with the gorgeous new Royal Wedding Pandora charm; designed in Sterling Silver and Blue Spinal to capture the glamour of the Royal Wedding, it is the perfect accessory of the moment.

Some of the prettiest Pandora charms are in this new collection.  Take a look at the elegant silver French lily charm that would complement any colour.  Also available are the new sparkly silver clover charms in enamel, which you can get in a luscious pink or charming green.  There is also a fabulous new collection of silver charms designed for every month, each with its own individual stone and style – a perfect gift for someone special and a way of remembering those extra special occasions.

French Lily Pandora charm Pink Clover Pandora charm

As well as all these new pieces, there are loads of other new specially designed Pandora 2011 charms available.  Check out all these new designs and purchase the perfect one to complement your Pandora bracelet.

Whatever your taste, there is a charm to make every occasion special.  Pandora jewellery offers customers the chance to hand pick their favourite charms and truly reflect their personality and taste.  They are also a great gift idea for Pandora lovers, and add that unique, personal touch.  If there are any special occasions coming up in 2011 for you or your loved ones, be sure to celebrate with Pandora.

3 Responses to “New Spring Pandora Charms for 2011”

  1. Ceirys Jewellery Says:

    Beautiful new charms, I love pandora jewellery it’s timeless.

  2. Pandora Says:

    I love this new collection! I found some very nice pieces – I especially love the new birthstones.

  3. erjrhejuh Says:

    pandora charms, from bracelets to necklaces, is quickly getting just one on the hottest jewellery goods for 2009. Celebrities which include Fergie, Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Garner have all been witnessed putting on these excellent bracelets and necklaces. Even fashion artist Donna Karan has been witnessed sporting her own individually made Pandora Bracelet.

    Unique is the key word. pandora jewelry and Necklaces are excellent because they can be customized to complement your taste and personality. You can choose from a range of beads, pendants and charms, all customized to complement your and feeling of style. You can even change your beads and spacers to complement your mood or to complement your outfit.

    The best part about it is the price. They are very affordable from below £50 to thousands of pounds – it all is dependent upon the individual options you select for your exclusive bracelet. You can choose a gemstone bead for your birth month, or a cute handbag to display your love for shopping. Why not begin with a silver Forget-Me-Not authentic pandora charms paired with a Raised-Heart dangling charm, then include your very first initial. you could include two simple silver spacers like the pandora charm bracelets Silver Tic-Tac spacer, or mix it up with two different style spacers on each end – perhaps a ridiculous Clip or an S clip with tiny S’s displayed all around the clip. There is no limit to your style when you wear pandora bracelets and charms.

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