Oct 07

Pandora enthusiasts will know that wearing your favourite bracelet every day, can leave it looking grubby and lacking in shine. For a quick cleaning at home, a mild dish-washing liquid can be used with warm water and a soft toothbrush, finished with a soft cloth.

Be careful though – as beads with pearls should be removed before cleaning with this method.  Pandora silver-polishing cloths can be purchased from numerous stores and online, for a more polished look.

Never use liquid silver polish on Pandora jewellery, as it will remove the oxidation treatment from many of the beads and chains. The use of chemical agents is a drastic way to clean your jewellery. It’s recommended that you avoid using any such agents. They are especially harmful to dark silver jewellery with an oxidized (darker) finish, certain gemstones, and enamel. Furthermore, it’s worth avoiding wearing your jewellery in mineral baths or in hot tubs as the chemicals may affect the finish.

For leather products, certainly avoid contact with water and do not wash with household cleaning products. If your bracelet does get wet, allow it to dry naturally. Avoid contact with perfumes, creams and sun lotions and you should be well on your way to having a long and happy relationship with your Pandora bracelet!


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