Oct 14

Yes, as promised a few stats and facts about Pandora Jewellery, Charms and Bracelets.

Well as you can see the number of searches you are all fdoing for Pandora seems to be going through the roof, Already search volume is double that of last year. So what? Well maybe you are all in for a bumper round of gifts this year! so get the hubby searching now before they run out of stock.

We also notice a rise in the number of searches with ‘cheap’ added. Come on girls we all know that nobody is able to sell them cheaper than anybody else. If you do find anybody we would love to know (mums the word ;-))

One Response to “Pandora Bracelets beats the rest”

  1. eve Says:

    Is there any governing body to regulate the way in which your product is sold. I recently purchased items from a website Pandoraonsale.uk and in my opinion have been given less than the genuine products, all attempts at emailing to resolve the matter have failed. I would just like others not be as gullible as i have been.

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