Oct 25

Yes, we have spotted all the Pandora Jewellery fake sites as well listed in Google. We have been inundated with requests for information regarding this issue. Obviously we can only suggest that you contact Pandora UK for the official line.

Our advice is to only buy from a website that is listed as a certified pandora online retailer. This list is unfortunately not easy to find as for some reason Pandora does not publish this list. Even if you search for a retailer on the pandora site unfortunately this doesn’t come up with any particularly useful information.

We have been made aware that Pandora do not allow businesses to trade which use the word Pandora in their website address. You will have probably noticed that most of the fake sites are actually using this as it helps to improve their search engine rank.

As a checklist we would suggest the following:

  1. Does the website have a contact telephone number?
  2. Call this number and ask of they are a certified online retailer (call during office hours)?
  3. Are they showing the certified online retailer logo?
  4. Does the jewellery have a Pandora Hall Mark?
  5. Is the Pandora Hallmark ‘ALE’ their are some fakes that do have this
  6. Is the product cheap??? if its cheap its probably a fake
  7. Is it on eBay? Pandora do not allow retailer to sell on ebay so its probably a fake unless its being sold secondhand, i which case check the feedback and how many items they are selling.

If you still confused and unsure then contact a certified Pandora online retailer.

3 Responses to “Pandora Fakes – Have you had enough as well”

  1. Kimberley Says:

    Cautionary Tale!!!

    I love Pandora. But I want to warn you guys out there of the many fake pandora sites and believe it or not it is cheaper and less hassle to use the authourised Pandora sellers because you will be sadly disappointed with the cheap poor quality crap these ‘cheap online sellers’ send you and you will never hear from them again once they have your hard earned cash.
    Even though they use the terms authentic and genuine numerous times it is such inferior quality you will throw it away, because you you never wear it.

    Because these websites change their names its worth following a a few basic rules:-

    Make sure they have a physical address and telephone contact details.
    Check them out before you commit.

    Try the contact them first, if it is difficult ot impossible to contact them run a mile.

    If they don’t speak English or the website is littered with bad grammar give it a miss

    Be especially cautious when buying from overseas companies outside the EU you will be stung for postage and have fewer consumer rights and agency to appeal to.

    If they don’t speak English or the website is littered with bad grammar give it a miss. You don’t want counterfiet goods after all.

    Check sellers’ privacy policy and returns policy. though this did me no good because the website was very plausible

    Use an appropriate, safe means of online payment to get some protection against non-delivery (see Make payments online safely). You may have some come back but you’ll have to fight for it and use up your valuable time.

    So learn a lesson and save your money through my experience and payless in the short and long run by using recommended / authourised Pandora companies because the money you spend on these dubious websites will be money down the drain that you could have spent buying Pandora from a genuine online retailer.

    If you found this useful please let me know.

  2. Kimberley Says:

    Why doesn’t Pandora write a short paragraph to all Pandora lovere that recommends authentic online retailers and what to look for in a false site. That would pop up at the begining of any internet search. This would instantly make buyers weary of some of these fake foreign sites.

  3. Kat Says:

    My partner bought what he thought was the real thing of a website. After a few weeks the quality was really bad. I talked to pandora then the site he bought it off. Amazingly they replied and I’ve exchanged several emails, they have said several times that I will get a big discount on my next order ( which will never happen) yesterday they offered a £3 refund. I’ve asked for a full refund. I’m holding my tongue each time I write an email but I want to make sure I get a full refund I’m prepared to keep on at them.

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