Oct 11

Just as every Pandora charm bracelet is unique to its owner, so too are the new range of Pandora watches.  With interchangeable straps and bezels, telling the time need never be boring again!

In 2010, Pandora Jewellery first released its range of high quality Swiss watches.  These elegant timepieces are not just a means of knowing the time; they are an accessory made beautiful by genuine Pandora designs.  As carefully crafted as Pandora’s other creations, each watch is set with a black crown diamond, rose cut, and sapphire glass to prevent scratching.  The Swiss movement of the watches is an affirmation of the high quality and attention to detail customers have come to expect from of the Pandora brand.

From the dainty ‘Petit Circle’ to the sporty ‘Imagine Grand C’, every watch has an exclusive feel and design.  The ‘Petit’ range of watches unites the functionality of a watch with the elegant look of a bracelet, by the use of a strap which wraps twice around the wrist.  This is just one example of how Pandora jewellery has given a feminine feel to the classic watch design.  The stylish, creative design of these watches makes each one a unique and special piece of fine jewellery.

With its new watch range, Pandora Jewellery maintains its reputation for excellence in design and functionality.  Style and comfort comes together in this exclusive range of timepieces.

Pandora stockists offer ten types of watches – find the one suited to you!

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  1. Daisy Says:

    Hi, I have just bought a watch from pandora,but I still want to know the type of the swiss movement, is it ETA?

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